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Christmas Package

November 23, 2011

Christmas is around the corner and some of you probably don’t have all the shopping done yet.

Here’s part of the solution:
get Ollie the Octopus for your kid (or your sister’s kid!);
and For Those About to Cook for your rocker brother;
and Entschuldigung aber ich bin nur Kinderarzt for that one German speaking person among your friends;
and Faerytale for your dark-poetry-liking little sister;
and The Banned Underground for your teenage niece or nephew!

That’s our complete inaugural list and if you get all of them, you will save enough money to buy yourself a little treat as well! We’ll give you the whole package for £50 including shipping to the US, UK, Europe, and Canada. All others, please ask before placing your order. Order it here.

If you sadly don’t have anyone on your list (even after checking it twice) who speaks German, get the other four books for just £40! Order that package here.

If you order before Dec 5, the books should be under your tree just in time!

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